Workflow plugin


The Razuna Workflow plugin give you the option to automate many different tasks during an event in Razuna. The Razuna Workflow plugin is a payable plugin and a license can be bought from Razuna.

  • Workflow
    • Installing the plugin
    • Accessing the plugin
    • Creating a workflow
    • Editing a workflow
      • Defining an Event
      • Defining an Action
      • Adding more Actions
      • Reorder the Actions
  • Installing the plugin

    Please read the general guide on how to Install and activate a plugin.

    Accessing the plugin

    Once the plugin has been installed and activated, you can access it from the Razuna DAM admin panel. Please note that it will only be available, if you have acticated it on the relevant tenant as described in the link above. 

    To access the plugin, go to the Administration section by clicking on your name top right and selcting "Administration." In the administration panel go to the "Plugins" tab. If you have installed the plugin correctly, you will now see it in the list of installed plugins.

    Creating a workflow

    In order to create a workflow, click on "Settings" below the plugin. If you have not created any workflows before, you can create your first workflow be naming it in the first field and writing a description in the second field and then clik "Add new."

    The workflow is now created and will show up in the list of workflows.

    Editing a workflow

    By clicking on "Edit" in the list of workflows, you will be taken to the Workflow Edit menu. 

    First select which Event should trigger and Action. You can add as many events and actions to each workflow as you wish.

    Defining an Event

    To define the Event, click on the dropdown to select the relevant Event.

    Choose between:

    • Add file(s)
      • The action is triggered upon upload/ingest
    • Edit file(s)
      • The action is triggered, if a file is edited
    • Move files(s)
      • The action is triggered, if a file is moved
    • Delete files(s)
      • The action is triggered, if a file is deleted
    • Add folder
      • The action is triggered, if a folder is added


    Defining an Action

    Once you have chosen the event, you can now select the action to be carried out.

    You can choose between the following actions:

    • Notify users/groups
      • Will notify users and/or groups that an asset has been added with you custom message and the assets ID
    • Move asset(s)
      • Will move the asset to a folder that you specify
    • Apply rendition template
      • This will add a rendition template (convert the asset). You need to have created a rendition template first.
    • Call external URL
      • This will call an external URL, f.ex. where xxxx is all asset information (name, ID, metadata)
    • Add value to metadata field
      • This will allow you to automatically assign values to standard meta-data fields (XMP, IPTC)
    • Add value to custom field
      • This will allow you to automatically assign values to a custom field
    • Add label(s)
      • This will allow you to automatically add one or more labels to the asset


    Adding more Actions

    Once you have selected an action, you can add more actions by repeating the steps above. You cannot have multiple events in one workflow, but you may add as many actions as you wish. So once an action has been added, simply click on "Select Action(s)" for this workflow and add you next action. It will automatically be added below the previous action.

    Reorder the Actions

    You can reorder the Actions by clicking on the green Reorder icon and move the actions up or down.


    Once completed click on "Save Workflow". The workflow will be saved but you will remain in the same window.

    Adding a workflow to a folder

    In order to add the workflow to a folder, simply go to the desired folder and click on "Folder Sharing & Settings" in the top right part of the panel.
    On the first tab, "Folder Settings" you will see the workflow menu at the very bottom below your user groups. It's headed: "Apply workflow to files in this folder"
    Click in the field below and select the desired workflow, which you want to attach to the folder. You can attach multiple workflows to the same folder.