Where do rejected files go?


Hi there

If someone adds a file to razuna for approval - is it stored anywhere so that the user who uploaded it can see what has been rejected and why? Right now the person approving a file gets to write a message explaining why and then that appears to be the end of it. The person submitting the image doesnt appear to have anyway of seeing what or why images have been rejected.



A file is only being rejected when the file already exists in the system AND you also have the setting activated. The user who is uploading the file will receive an email when this happens.

Files are automatically deleted and there is no area to see them.


Hi thanks for replying - its possible that we might be talking at cross purposes. Let me explain the workflow and see if I can make more sense :slight_smile:

  1. artist uploads art into Razuna where it is held awaiting approval
  2. art director checks art submissions and either approves or rejects the art work
  3. art director can comment on work art that is rejected

This is the current approval workflow and it works fine. However…

  1. artist logs back in to Razuna and has no way that to see what art has been approved
  2. artist has no way to read the comments or see what art was rejected

I must be missing something - at least hopefully I am as this approval would be a really useful feature assuming it allows the artist submitting artwork to find the work that has been approved so they can tag it with keywords etc.



Have you checked out the Approval feature in Razuna? It does what you want.


Hi. Yep. I am using it/ That is exactly the feature I am talking about here and the first 3 steps work fine.

But the final 2 steps dont appear to exist and are pretty important in an approval process. Right now the artist uploads their work into Razuna and from their viewpoint it disappears. They are not getting feedback about whether or not (and why not) their art was approved. Thanks!



Sorry to bug you. Is it possible we have set this up incorrectly or is there nowhere for an artist to view artwork that has been rejected?


Rejections are being sent by email. Hence if you did not configure Razuna to send out email properly, no one knows about it.