When is Razuna 2.0 coming?


I saw the press release saying that Razuna 2.0 was coming in December. Its getting close to the end of December but wanted to know if it was still on schedule for this month.


It will be released when we are ready. We are in beta testing right now.


Understandable. Just trying to figure out if I should roll out a new 1.9.1 server or wait a week or so for 2.0.


Roll out 1.9.x. R2, while many features are the same, it comes with a
somewhat different setup. Also, we are far from upgrading 1.9.x customers
to R2. It will come, but not at the very beginning.


Any updates? checked the blog and last mention about 2.0 was back in January.


We will announce it when it is ready. Refactoring an 8-year-old system
takes time and is not an easy feat.


Exists some vercion of razuna 2.0 BETA downloadable for community.???


We are behind with the development due to outside circumstances. Razuna
1.9.x is still active and development is still very active. We will release
1.9.5 very soon, too.


Any updates? about razuna 1.9.5
any release date???
the Roadmap of razuna is very, very slow.



  1. Razuna is OPEN SOURCE. Feel free to contribute!

  2. Read - A long awaited update about Razuna


Not to get on anyones nerves, but… any news about 2.0? :slight_smile:
Just read the update blog post when I realised that it’s almost a year old by now.
No hate, just curious.
All the best! J



No problem with asking :slight_smile:

There’s been a lot of changes and we are looking into a lot of options. I’m sure we will publish our thoughts at one point.


That sounds… well… quite mysterious :wink:
So as I’m still looking at different DAM-options it’s probably wise not to expect Razuna version 2.0 anytime soon right?

(Again, no “hurry up guys!” intended, just for my own planning.)


Razuna has been in development and production over 10 years. It contains many features that are hard to find or cost thousands of dollars more to any other “enterprise system”. Other so-called “open source” systems charge you easily $100k upwards.

We, my team and I, are fully invested in Razuna and recently hired more people.

That said, given the history and the thousands of deployments, it’s not an easy task to simply bring about version 2.0. Furthermore, we are also planning to upgrade the tech stack.

We hit some bumps in the road and have scraped a system that we’ve been working on for several years (sometimes you have to learn the hard way). Hence, we decided to take everything we have learned and create a brand new system.

When the time is ready, we will provide more updates and write more about it.


Alright, I understand. Thanks for sharing this and best of luck with the development!


Thanks for the update.