We are not able to view the recently uploaded asset


We are having issues in viewing the latest uploaded file. We are using Upload API to upload the files ans in response we are getting responsecode as “0” which states the asset has uploaded successfully.

But when we try to search the recently uploaded asset we are not getting in search result and just for testing purpose we fabricated the url with the folderid and assetid we received in response of asset uploaded and it worked.

Also we tested the same in Razuna box it is having the same issue file upload give success message but the asset is not displayed.



Due to a bug in the recently released approval process, files were
uploaded, but did not show in the designated folder (as they were held up
in the approval process).

We now issued a fix for this and also released all your previous uploaded
files into the folders. You should find t your uploads now available within

I apologise for the issue and the issue this has caused.