Video file does not transfer to s3 bucket


We are uploading video files in Razuna server using API2.
When we upload video of size less then 5 MB it uploads video in Razuna server and successfully transfers video in s3 bucket but
when we upload video of size greater then 5 MB it uploads video in Razuna server and does not transfer video in s3 bucket.

However The meta data like title, keyword and description all show up plus the thumbnail image is created.

Moreover When we upload video from Razuna UI it successfully transferred video of any size in s3.

So Please help us for getting out from problem.


Hi fusiontech2012 ,

Thanks for your information , we will take a look at this and reply to you soon.

Best Regards.


Hi Huy_Nguyen,

Thanks for your reply, we are still waiting for your response.


Well, it is obvious that there is an issue. We will put it on our list and
will look into it. Thank you for reporting this.


We found the issue with the upload with the API2 and S3 and have now fixed it.

We will publish Razuna 1.8.2 this weekend which will include the fix.


Thanks For Your Response.