Versions Tab and How to Use


Which of the following is the intended purpose of the versions tab (#1 or #2)? We have a difference of option of the meaning of “version” on my team.

1.) I have several images of the same individual from one photo shoot. I want to be able to view and use all images.

2.) I have a photo of an individual from 2010. Now it’s 2018 and I have a new/updated photo that we want to use INSTEAD of the 2010 photo.

Thank you!



Short answer, it’s 2!

For your Nr: 1 case, you can use the Renditions tab to add any additional rendition to the existing image. This will NOT replace the original but simply add the rendition.




One more question on this topic. :slight_smile: I have one more scenario to add to #1 and #2 as options as how to utilize the “version” tab.

What if I have an image - but different “versions” of it such as one being full color, one being B&W, one being cropped vertically, etc.

Do you also use the version tab for those instances?

Thank you!!


Hi Ann,

Please excuse the delay.

Yes, we call those not versions but Renditions. You can add as many renditions as you like and also can create renditions of a renditions and more. Check out the “Renditions” tab.