Uploaded images not showing


I have upgraded from Razuna 1.7 to Razuna 1.9.1. Everything went well but after upgrading, I am facing the following issue.

  1. It’s giving an alert for “Razuna 1.9.1 is available. Please update now.” whereas I have downloaded the latest setup fromr razuna.org.

  2. We tried to upload a few new images. It’s uploaded successfully but when we are trying to view or download it, the image is not there on the server. Thumbnail is also not visible.

  3. We have alloacted 16GB RAM to Razuna Server. But, it shows only 1GB in Memory information.

Please help




  1. This is a known issue. Will be fixed with the next version
  2. You most likely missed to configure your “asset path” in Razuna and the
  3. You should configure memory allocation of your Tomcat server. We have
    this outlined on http://wiki.razuna.com