Upload Issue Says it Exists when it Does Not!


Razuna 1.6.5, MySql database.

I am using the apiupload api of the index.cfm to load new images into the Razuna server.

I have two problem images, when I add them, I get an error that says that they already exist on the server. But, when I search for the file from within Razuna it does not exist.

I have re-built the indexes, and still continue to get this error on two products images. All other images work fine.

What else can I do to clear this issue up so I can load these two images into Razuna?




Looks like the asset is still in the database, despite failing to upload. Go to the Administration and navigate to the “Maintenance” tab. In there issue the asset cleaner. This should show you files that are not allocated properly.
You can also turn off the “Check for duplicates” setting under Administration/Settings.
Hope this helps.


I have run into the “check for duplicates” issue in the past when someone had already uploaded an asset that I was trying to upload. It took a little digging to figure out why my asset would not upload. One suggestion I would make for those of us that use the “check for duplicates” option is a simple message that tells you the asset you are trying to add is already in Razuna. It would be most helpful because it is not abundantly clear when that happens. Just a thought… : )

Eric Deuser
UPS Airlines
Self-hosted 1.6.5


Hi Eric,
There is an email that gets sent out warning the user of duplicates. I would check your email settings to make sure you are receiving those emails.


I am trying to configure the email function, but have no idea how to know if it’s working properly. Is there a way to get Razuna to send a test email or some other way to tell if Razuna is able to connect to the mail server?


Eric Deuser
UPS Airlines
Self-Hosted 1.6.5


Hi Eric,
You can send out an email using the ‘Send email’ icon for assets. To debug mail issues please look at the mail log in OpenBD admin at http://localhost:8080/razuna/bluedragon/administrator/debugging/viewlogfile.cfm?logFile=mail.log

The default password is admin.


I put the same settings in Razuna that are in my Apple Mail, but getting a “MailOutFail” error in Blue Dragon logs. I am trying to go through the company MS Exchange Server.


Please include the full error.


03/10/14 12:31.48: MailOutFail: To=edeuser@ups.com; From=gbb1ped@ups.com; Subject=test7; Server=gbb1ped;tq3jz4wtl98f;mail-intmah.us.ups.com;443; Size=760 bytes:javax.mail.MessagingException: Exception reading response;

nested exception is:

java.net.SocketException: Connection reset


Please go to http://razunabd.local:8080/razuna/bluedragon/administrator/settings/mail.cfm and add your mail server there and make sure you set the port and SSL/TLS flags properly. If you can get it working there you can remove your settings from the Razuna Admin (Tenant Settings>Mail Settings) by simply removing the entries there and Razuna will default to using the OpenBD mail server setup. If you can not get it working there it might be a possible firewall issue preventing OpenBD from talking to the mail server. I would contact your IT admin for help with that.


I am having a related issue. I have deleted a large set of images using the website. I then try and upload the same images via the API but I get a ‘asset already exists’ response. Am I supposed to manually run the ‘Indexing’ / ‘rebuild-index’ tasks? Would it help to ‘Flush Database Cache’?

I noticed that our instance becomes very unresponsive when ‘rebuild-index’ task is run. Is DB cache cleaner less heavy?


Did you read Upload Issue Says it Exists when it Does Not! ?


Yes. I have used that advice few hours ago to no benefit.


Mind you, the response ‘asset already exists’, is being returned for EVERY image that was deleted manually on the website. So would you say this is somehow not likely that ALL assets are still in the db?
p.s. a duplicate check would be fine to have, so don’t want to get rid of it.


Hi, I am currently having this issue, trying to upload an image and keep receiving the email message that the file “…already exists in Razuna and thus was not added to the system!” Yet when I check I dont see it uploaded anywhere.

I have flushed the database cache - has not helped; and I have checked image records - I do not see my image in the list, but the clean up process did return an “Awesome, all looks good…”

Any insight on what else I can try?


If you have the setting to check for “duplicates” on then the system checks
for an existing file by its MD5 hash (the internal checksum of a file). Go
to Administration and Settings to turn it off.