Upload failing, unexpected response (API)


We’ve been using the API to upload files successfully to our Razuna account (hosted-edition) for about a year now. However, around Jan 5th of this year the upload of our files began failing. When our script attempts to post the file to Razuna we are now getting a Razuna login page response rather than the expected XML response.

I have verified the script we use to upload hasn’t changed recently and the api_key and folder id are still valid in our Razuna account. Manual file upload through Razuna’s website still functions normally.

Can someone provide some insight as to why we’re no longer receiving the expected XML response when we attempt to post our files? And what we can do to fix it? Thanks.


We have added SSL to the API call, so you need to use https://xxxxxx when
using the API.

Sorry for the inconvenience.