Upload content to a folder though command line/backend admin


hello folks!

First let me congratulate the makers for what appears to be one of the most ‘wholesome’ Open Source DAM software.

I am evaluating Razuna for a video library. And, I could install a self-hosted Razuna 1.9.6. on CentOS 6.9. I have added a new tenant and a user that will access content to a specific folder.

So far all good. Let me address the issue first and what I want to achieve as work-around later.

Content source is on an FTP location. I tried the FTP method, it worked fine up to some content, about 40. There were total of about 160. Since this is a one time process, and my requirement is of having it automated, I added a schedule too. However, scheduler appears to be broken (there are errors in catalina.out log which appears to be for cron). Moreover, there are XML and related videos. XML contains metadata for these videos. However, XML file name is not same as Video file name. Therefore, videos added via FTP does not get its description and title.

Two problem areas:

  1. Automate FTP mirroring.
  2. Get XML Metadata with its video in to Razuna

Work-around for #1
I will write a BASH or PHP script to do ftp mirroring. Run this as cron. Now the content will be local.

Work-around for #2
Another script to parse XML and match its Video File and Thumbnail Image. And push the content to Razuna with its title, description and associated thumbnail image.

I need help on how to achieve the 2nd one.



Thank you for your kind words. Much appreciated.

Regarding your question, try to bring the video locally and import from there (you can use the scheduled tasks for that too). That should bring in the metadata.

If not, let us know. Thank you.