Upload API - new version of file


Hi there,

I’m able to upload files by using the upload API, setting metadata works without problems.

How can I upload a new file version (like it is possible in the gui

“Upload new version
You can replace the current original asset with a new one by choosing the file below and upload it. The current version will be saved as a version and replaced by the new asset.”

by using the API? I tried passing the asset-id, but then I don’t get a new version, but it looks like every new document is just saved as a child of this ID.

Can you help me please?

Thank you in advance,


As always, please visit wiki.razuna.com and check the API section.

If a method isn’t documented it doesn’t exists!


Hi Nitai,

thanks for your fast reply. I know the wiki, I just thought there is maybe some undocumented stuff or a workaround.
It’s a pity it doesn’t work.