Upgrade to 1.8 / Restore not working


I want to update a Razuna 1.7 installation to 1.8. I created a backup in the 1.7 version and copied that to a new server. I also copied the assets. When starting the 1.8 Version on the new server, I select custom setup in the first time wizard. I select either mysql or H2, both have the same error:
On restore, the restore instantly fails with the message “session.firsttime.path_ghostscript doesn’t exist.”.
Here is the report created: http://paste.c99.nl/0a6df14e96f125d9f07d.html

If I use the default setup (or alternatively a new install using mysql) I can restore the database and it seems to work.

Hi Jos3f ,

It seems to be restore task is working with default setup. Thanks for your information.


Thank you for the error report. This is now fixed and will be made into the
1.8.1 patch.