Upgrade to 1.7 Beta Self-hosted, CFML Runtime error


Greeings all, I’ve extracted to the /opt folder as previously with 1.6.5, retarted & started Tomcat from the new install. Continue to get the below CFML runtime error, which seems to be related to the first-time creation of the default H2 database. Indeed when I browse the razuna/webapps directory the /db folder is not being created. I have checked and rechecked the permissions, and reintstalling 1.6.5 works like a charm. Any help appreciated. Best Steve



I’m not seeing from the screen shot what the error really is. However, please make sure to remove any cookies before hitting the new Razuna 1.7 installation. It could be that the cookie is pointing to the 1.6.5 install.

Let me know if that works.