Upgrade from 1.6 to 1.9 latest failed horribly


Hi Razuna people,

I have followed these instructions to upgrade Razuna: http://wiki.razuna.com/display/ecp/Upgrade+Guide but when I got to “Import your old data to your new Razuna instance”, upon importing my DB, everything completely fell apart, I was getting login errors saying:

Expression Error

I tried to change the login password according to Razuna admin error on url acces but now I have this error:

application.razuna.isp doesn't exist.

After attempting to roll back the update, I now am met with “CFML Runtime Error” - General SQL Error:

CFML Runtime Error
Need some help? Visit our manual http://openbd.org/manual/
General SQL Error
This error has been logged to bderror-2017-12-06-133729_7311178093588159788.html.	Please contact the Administrator

Can anyone help salvage our database?


Flush your template cache, delete the cache and cookies in your browser, restart your browser.

Make sure to hit the backend admin FIRST before any other Razuna page after every update!