Unable to define AWS S3 Bucket in Razuna


Razuna version: 1.9.6

Browser version: Chrome 73

I want to use Razuna as a DAM system with AWS S3. I have installed it on my machine for testing. I have provided it with my S3 Access Key Id, my Secret Access Key, and the bucket location. When I go into ‘Tenant Settings’ and then under ‘Cloud Storage’, when defining the bucket name, it cannot be validated, giving me this message: ‘Unfortunately, your bucket can not be read. Make sure it exists and you did not mistype.’ - despite me confirming this is the correct bucket name.

I need to be able to upload/download/delete assets etc. which gets saved into AWS S3 through Razuna. I have used this bucket before, but Razuna is not recognising that it exists.

What can I do to fix this?