Trash and Incoming folder not cleaned


Hi all,
I’m stuck on a issue , maybe a db error or wrong configuration idk.

If i go in my trash folder i see all my deleted file from the start of using Razuna.
And my incoming folder is like 140 GB.

I have checked that /opt/razuna/tomcat/webapps/razuna/cron/cron.daily/cleanup_trash.cfm
and /cron.hourly/clueanup.cfm (for the incoming folder) exist.
If i check bluedragon.log i see:

19/03/19 12:00.20: CronPlugin.ExecutePage(/cron/cron.hourly/cleanup.cfm)
19/03/19 12:00.21: Can't validate connections for h2

20/03/19 00:00.21: CronPlugin.ExecutePage(/cron/cron.daily/cleanup_trash.cfm)
20/03/19 00:01.22: Can't validate connections for h2

I really don’t know how to solve this i see that someone had a similar error in bluedragon.log but different problem:

I’m able to upload file correctly with no problem but it seems like something goes wrong with the connection on h2 for the 2 cron.

hope someone could help



It can’t connect to the embedded database.

That said, ALWAYS use MySQL. The embedded database is just to show that it works and get people going quickly. For any serious use, switch to MySQL!


Hi Nitai,
i wish i could, all the time i tried to do it i met the error that i write here:

Some tips?
How can i change the query that initialize the MySQL db?