Sync/share a folder with other Razuna instance?


Hi, I have two separate instances of Razuna and would like to know whether it is possible to sync/share a folder with each other (assuming the two instances are under different servers, say, different countries).

If it is possible, what would be the limits of it at the same time?



Razuna is a web application. So you can use NFS for sharing the same asset
location. With this setup you need to make sure that both servers use the
same database.


Thanks, Nitai. I’m wondering if there is any step-by-step guide?


Setting up NFS and how parts of your applications interact with each other
is not something that one should do as a hobby. If you want a reliable
working system you should get administrators doing it for you. Another
option is to get support directly from us. You can find the support
subscriptions at