Support for SVG images


Hi Support,

Our organization wants to upload .svg images on Razuna and link them to online web-pages. We are facing following issues:

• When we uploaded several images on Razuna we noticed that their preview doesn’t show up in Razuna and we are using Razuna API’s for an internal tool and the preview doesn’t show up even there.
• Also, the direct link forces image to be downloaded on browsers which support SVG

Any thoughts?



Hi Joshi ,

Now in order for Razuna to recognize the .svg file as image file you have to add
the file to the file format extension. Go to the Backend Administration,
click on “General Configuration” and then on the “File Format” tab. There
add SVG as a image extension.

Hope this helps.



Hi Huy_Nguyen,

How do I get into “General Configuration”? I am in hosted environment and I didn’t notice that tab anywhere.

Please guide me.



This is what I see:


Hi Huy_Nguyen,

I read about the the General Configuration tab on Wiki

But I don’t see that option in my login. Can you guide me?



Hi Joshi ,

May I know that Razuna server which you are using is self-hosted or hosted ?



Hi Huy_Nguyen,

We are on the hosted environment, the organization signed up and created the account.



Hi Ameya_Joshi ,

Please contact with technical division of the organization and talk to them to add new svg format in General Configuration in Backend Admin.



Hi Joshi ,

We will check and resolve your case from our side and let you know soon.

Thank you.


Thank you Huy_Nguyen!


Hi Huy_Nguyen,

Any update on this?

Thank you!


We haven’t added any svg support yet. We will look into it next week.


HI Nitai,

Does it mean Razuna doesn’t support .SVG files? Please clarify.



That’s not what I was saying. In any case, support for SVG images is now
added to the hosted edition. You can upload SVG images and thumbnails are


Hello, Is SVG support planned for the self-hosted environment? I verified a SVG entry in General Configuration | File Types. I can upload a SVG file, but I do not see a thumbnail and I cannot create other renditions (PNG, JPG, etc.) of SVG files.

I run a self-hosted installation of Razuna.


Simply add the svg format to the supported format. Do this in the backend


Hello Nitai,
I believe this is done already. ImageMagick is also working properly (I can resize and convert PNGs, GIFs, etc.).

The SVG record is quite simple. SVG, Image file type, Image mime type, SVG mime subtype.

I’ve hard reloaded the page, uploaded new SVGs to test, and tried recreating the preview image.


Minor edit note. This word is wrong in the Backend File Types panel:
Here you are able to add or remove certain file types according to their extensions. Razuna will look into this table to organize what file belongs to which category. This is a general table, meaning it will able to ALL tenants. If you are adding an extension make sure that ImageMagick or FFMpeg can also progress (should be process) the extension or else you will get errors! Only edit this table if you know what you are doing!