Spooled mail not sending


We starting having issues with users not receiving e-mail. After reading some of the related issues on this forum I restarted the razuna service. That seemed to clear the messages in the mail spool. We thought that is was fixed but messages are building up again and not being sent. The Blue Dragon Admin console has no recent entries in the mail.log but the “Spooled Mail” count under mail status keeps increasing.

This is a self-hosted Ubuntu Linux 14.04 running Razuna 1.7.



There is most likely an issue with your SMTP provider. In the OpenBD
Administration check that the SMTP server is set up correctly.


Thanks, yes I checked that. It hasn’t changed and the test passes. Plus when I restarted the service mail was sent so the SMTP setting worked.


Ok. since this is a self-hosted setup I don’t know what else to help you
with. You can check the log directly to see if there is something wrong.
It’s located at /WEB-INF/bluedragon/work/cfmail/mail.log


I have been having this issue for a while and have not been able to figure out why the mail will not send. When I try to send the spooled mail, I get an error. I checked and re-checked all of the SMTP settings. Here is the error from BD:

Any insight as to what I am dealing with here?

Self-hosted Razuna 1.7, Mac OS 10.9.5, MySQL 5.6.21




This is an error in the OpenBD Admin. Has been there for years. To re-send
emails, simply go to the server and move the emails from “undelivered” to
the email folder. This should trigger the engine to send out emails.


Hello Nitai,

I have self-hosted testing environment, When send the document from send via email, i am getting the below error message.

com.sun.mail.smtp.SMTPSendFailedException: 530 5.7.0 Authentication required .

My smtp settings are correct and i am able to receive the password reset from the same account.

Could you please assist me on this issue.

Thank you in advance.



The error says it all. Sorry, but no idea what else to do.


Thank you. I will try to figure it out.