Sorting issue with Razuna files and assets

I have a self hosted Razuna 1.7 where I came across an annoying problem. Whenever i try to move one file up or down in the sorting order, nothing happens. Then i open the collection again, and it is sorted according to my change. Unfortunately I don’t get any Javascript errors or anything displayed that could help me pinpoint the problem.

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We will look into this and if it is an issue we will release the fix in the
upcoming 1.7.5 release. Thank you.

We don’t see any problem with this. Might be a caching issue in your

I started debugging and opened the path in a new window, which would be called with ajax to move the file (/razuna/raz2/dam/index.cfm?fa=c.collection_move&col_id=6C82DF4D5ECC45408E119939296A8CE3&folder_id=01BB79F75B814AB982B83CC764D127E1&currentorder=6&moveto=5).

In the console finally some error messages appeared. It seems some jquery is not loaded correctly… I will continue debugging…

I have the exact same problem (I think). Razuna is a fresh installation of the standalone. I just uploaded three images and added them to a collection for the first tenant (demo)
If I click any of the sort buttons, it loads the same data with the old sorting using ajax. (e.g. by calling first a POST request:

POST /razuna/raz1/dam/index.cfm HTTP/1.1
VALUES: fa=c.collection_update&langcount=1&folder_id=A45FC8072DD4452E99175338C0BED68D&col_id=C2FD8E5193974A018B7AB6CA78574E00&assetids=F026A9D4B1684842B0599500448C78B9%2C5FA56569B5C54B9E97ECDBB98D224212%2CB1F600C04D1A4F6ABD4D1747BB3FAB3C&artofimageF026A9D4B1684842B0599500448C78B9=F026A9D4B1684842B0599500448C78B9-thumb&artofimage5FA56569B5C54B9E97ECDBB98D224212=5FA56569B5C54B9E97ECDBB98D224212-thumb&artofimageB1F600C04D1A4F6ABD4D1747BB3FAB3C=B1F600C04D1A4F6ABD4D1747BB3FAB3C-thumb&collectionname=Test&col_desc_1=&col_keywords_1=&per_0=R&col_shared=F&share_dl_thumb=T&share_dl_org=F&share_comments=F&share_upload=F&share_order=F&share_order_user=

then a GET:

GET /razuna/raz1/dam/index.cfm?fa=c.collection_move&col_id=C2FD8E5193974A018B7AB6CA78574E00&folder_id=A45FC8072DD4452E99175338C0BED68D&currentorder=1&moveto=2&_=1437388233608 HTTP/1.1

The answer of the POST is six empty lines (just five LF chars). The answer to the GET is a HTML with the OLD sorting. This happens in all browsers.
If I then just open the collection again, the order is correct. So the sorting seems to work but the refresh is loading wrong data…

The razuna install is just the standalone 1.7. Still running on localhost, using H2, no strange settings!

We are seeing the same issue. Additionally, we also have the problem that sometimes two items can be given the same order value (not sure exactly how that scenario comes about, but it’s happened multiple times), so we can see multiple items with only a down arrow, because they all have the value of 1 for the order. There it gets stuck - even pressing the down button doesn’t change the order of those and fix the issue.

Ok, there’s the problem with the items having the same order value. The collection sorting update code doesn’t pay any attention to whether the videos are in the trash or not, so as soon as you remove items from a collection, the sort order is going to start getting messed up when you change it, because it’ll swap order with items in the trash, instead of only ‘live’ items.

Thanks. We’ll get it fixed for the next release.

Just a follow up as we’ve seen more issues regarding this. When you restore something from the trash, the logic just seems to set it to have IN_TRASH = F…but since when you put it in the trash, the collection order numbers of the rest of the collection are adjusted for it’s removal, then when you restore it, you’ll likely end up with items with the same order value, which then screws up being able to adjust the sorting through the arrows.

Secondly, when you remove items from the trash (remove, not restore) it again adjusts the COL_ITEM_ORDER values by -1…which shouldn’t happen at all at that point. If you remove a few items you end up with a bunch of items all with COL_ITEM_ORDER = 1 and are unable to re-sort them at all.

Thank you for letting us know. I doubt that we can get a fix in for the
final 1.8 release, though.