Sorting in Collections is ignored in Widgets


Hi There,

in Collections you can sort the pictures with these red arrow buttons. That is nice.

But if I create a Widget-Gallery from this Collection, the pictures do show up unsorted (not in the way I have sorted them before). Did i miss something here?

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As the dev answered in the other mentioned thread:

Neither the backend nor the API gives proper sort options for the output - you have to code it yourself.


Hello Sushimaster,

your answer let me think that there is a little missunderstanding. I hadn’t asked for sorting Options.

The list is already sortet in Razuna with this built in functionality as you can see in the upper picture. It is just that the Gallery-Widget is sorting the Assets to its own like instead of using the existing order.

In my opinion the actual behaviour is a bug or at least a not fully implemented functionality. Otherwise, why would I have the possibility of sorting my assets in a Collection, if it is never used?

If I had the faintest idea of the Razuna Code, I would fix this by my self. Thinking of an SQL-Select it would be just to switch the sorting column. Hopefully this will be corrected in the next Version.