Slow API performance



we are facing problems with Razuna performance.

Whenever we run something over API, Razuna GUI gets really slow.

Also if we run getfolders API for a folder that has around 300 subfolders it takes half an our to get the response.

We have tree levels structure (main folder, under it subfolder that also contains only subfolders and in this level we have assets). We have more than 20.000 assests in the system.

What can we do to speed up Razuna?

Thank you!

  1. Upgrade to 1.9.5
  2. Tune your server
  3. Buy a support contract with consulting



can you please give me more information about how to tune our server? We have already configured Tomcat as a service assign 24GB RAM to it, server has 48GB RAM, 12 CPU cores, SSD storage…

8.500€ is a lot for one year support plan - is there a way to buy support per hour?

Thank you!

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Tuning a server is highly independent of the architecture. It’s not only
the server itself, but a lot of tuning has to be done on the database, too.

This job is quite a time and resource intensive labor. If you would hire a
professional system administrator and DBA it would cost you many times
more. From that point of view, it’s really not expensive.