Single-Sign On Option

The Goal

With the single-sign on option you can have users directly sign in to Razuna without the need to enter the name and password.

The Solution

Single-Sign On works as such that you call the login method directly and pass in the required arguments, as shown below:



name yes The users login name (username or email address)
pass_hashed no

Set this to true if you hash the password with MD5.

We highly recommend that you MD5 hash has the password parameter so that you don't transfer the password in plain text!

password yes The password of the user (see pass_hashed below!)
tl yes set this to true
yourURL yes The URL to the DAM part (Tenant/Host) you want to sign in.

Please use this option only if you are using a encrypted connection (SSL) to your Razuna server. For added security, MD5 hash the password!