Showsubfolders is not working for "GetAssets" API


Showsubfolders is not working for “GetAssets” API, as only the assets are getting listed not the folders in it.

URL for Reference

Also regarding “GetFolder” API just returns the folder at root level, So is there an API that will list all the folders and their respective sub-folders in it

Hi Naresh_Joshi ,

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Any updated for Showsubfolders is not working for “GetAssets” API

Hi Naresh_Joshi ,

The showsubfolder in the API2 is using for retrieving all assets in a folder , its mean not listing the subfolders of a folder.

You can check the description here :


So if i want the list of all the SubFolders within a specific folder, which API should i refer to.

You can check here for your reference :slight_smile:

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the links you gave are all 404

All documentation can be found in these forums: