Several small issues for newbie


Freshly built Mac OS X Sierra system.
Downloaded Latest Razuna (said 1.9.1 in the install file. more about that later)

Biggest issue I am having as I test this system is the incoming folder is never flushed.
So I have 30G in assets and 30G in incoming (24 hours & no clean out).
Is there a script I can fire to force this?

I looked in work/tmp/rtelogs and there are CFML THESTRUCT errors.
I can send those if you want to see them.

Also in the admin section of RAZUNA, it says an upgrade is available.
It says I am running 1.9 but I downloaded and installed 1.9.1

Thanks for any tips.

Any info you want I am happy to supply.

Incoming folder not clearing


We will soon release a new update that should resolve these issues. Thank you.


Thank you.

I do have some followup info.

Went back to test today. 10G was still in raz2/incoming
after importing 2 more mp4 clips, the incoming folder is now 800K.

So it seems that the cron does not flush the data every 6 hrs, but waits
some length of time and then after a new item is imported then deletes the old stuff.

Can you outline what it is actually doing?
On our huge imports, can I just delete the incoming without harm?

Also in the CATALINA.log - I see an error with your name.
Could not create file in /home/nitai.

Do you want me to send you the log file?

Thanks again,



Additional testing results:

I am using Mac OS Safari 10.1.1. Sierra 10.12.5

If I use HTML5 it import my files, previews and ZIP’d files do not display correctly.

If I use flash uploader, everything looks great.

Anything I can adjust to make the HTML5 uploader work better?



Is there an update for the new version? I am getting the same THESTRUCT error and it says I should upgrade but I’m already on v1.9.1.