Setting up an LDAP/AD server

You can import LDAP/AD users into Razuna so they can use their existing logins to access the system. Note that once users are imported Razuna does not automatically keep the information in sync with the LDAP/AD server. In order to update information you can manually edit information in Razuna or delete and re-import user. Password changes are an exception as passwords are directly authenticated with the server and not stored in Razuna and do not need to be synced. Emails and usernames are the two main pieces of information that will need to be kept in sync manually.

To setup a LDAP/AD server please go to Administration>LDAP Services and fill the in the required server details. Please make sure all details are filled in properly.


To test that the server is setup properly go to Administration>Users>Import>Import LDAP Users and if you see a list of users populate then the connection was successful. If connection fails then you will see a failure message on that screen.


If connection is successful you will see a list of users that can be imported into Razuna. Only users with valid emails can be imported. The status column depicts whether user has been imported into the system or not. You can select all available users for import or specific users. You can also specify which groups the user should be assigned to in Razuna.


Setting Up Windows AD Server

To setup a Windows Active Directory server make sure the server type is selected as 'Windows AD' and enter the domain that the AD resides in. The domain is used during authentication and appended to the username e.g. domain\username.

Setting Up LDAP Server

To setup a LDAP server make sure the server type is selected as 'LDAP' and enter a sample LDAP User Distinguished Name e.g. UID={username},OU=people,DC=razuna,DC=com. The {username} parameter will be replaced with the actual username of the user during authentication.

Common Connection Issues

Authentication Exception: Please verify that the username and/or password credentials to connect to the server are entered correctly.

Size Limit Exceeded Exception: Razuna does not support paging while retrieving users so if the number of users are above limit you will see this exception. In this case please specify a filter in the 'Filter' attribute on the LDAP/AD setup screen to trim down the result set e.g. (&(objectClass=user)(samAccountName=a*)) to only retrieve all users whose usernames begin with 'a'. This will bypass the error and once the 'Import LDAP Users' screen loads up you can use the 'Filter' search bar to dynamically filter and retrieve the users from the LDAP/AD server.

Name Not Found Exception: Please ensure that the user details and 'Start' DN attribute is specified properly.

Time Out Exception: The server could not be contacted after several tries. Please check that the server name or IP is entered correctly and that it is accessible. If server is behind a firewall than it will need to be opened to allow a connection to be formed to the Razuna server. The Razuna hosted server IP is