Searching "No assets found"

When I try to search for assets I get the message “no assets found”.

I tried deleting the indexing tasks from the backend administration and then recreating them in the DAM, but that didn’t work.

I also checked /razuna/WEB-INF/bluedragon/work/temp for a hidden lock file but there is nothing there.

I also noticed that when I click the “log” button next to the task, I do not see any logs for automated running of the tasks (the “index new items” task is set to run every two minutes). I only see the instances when I manually ran the tasks.

Please help!


Delete all tasks in Razuna. Delete all tasks in the engines administration.
Restart Tomcat. Create the index task in Razuna.

Fwiw; Razuna 1.7.5 will have its own search server and it will handle all
indexing and searching. No more dealing with those tasks (which do get out
of sync). This is a engines problem and not Razuna…

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Thanks for the response. I did as you suggested, but the search is still not working. The indexing log does not even show that the index is running as scheduled (unless I run it manually). I also tried running a “rebuild search index” task and that did not work either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I’m afraid that I can’t help you further without looking into your server.
However, this is beyond the scope of free support.

You can get a support subscription and we can look and fix this for you.
You can find prices and plans at

Hi Nitai,

Those are great news! When will Razuna 1.7.5 be available?


Juan Pablo

We are almost done and should be releasing 1.7.5 in the coming weeks.

Fyi - I reinstalled Razuna on a Ubuntu server (previously I had it on Amazon Linux) and now it seems to work just fine. The only think I noticed is that the scheduled task log only seems to show when I manually run a task, but not when it runs automatically.