Searching asset by custom field fails


Razuna 1.8.6 self hosted

We have created a custom field for images. The custom field contains unique values. For example, we have three images with this values for the custom field:


We now want to do a search on the custom field that delivers exactly one result.

But all the searches deliver all three images, not only the one we searched.

These are the terms we tried (XXX is the ID of the custom field):


We also tried to use quotes.

It seems that the Minus sign is the problem. Is this a bug?




You fail to mention which search you are using. The quick search or the
advanced search?

In any case, the search engine is language based, so it will find the
“stem” of a word and similar words. For the most accurate results, I would
recommend to use the advanced search, as we can narrows down the search
fields more precisely.


We want to do the search via the API, so we tried the quick search. The result of the advanced search is completely wrong for the 12345678-IS or 12345678-T search terms (it finds a lot of images that don’t match the search criteria at all).

Is there no chance to avoid the narrow search and do an excact search?


Any news on this? Is it possible to do an exact search on a custom field?


I gave you my comment. You came back with “it doesn’t work”. I don’t know
what else to say.

As I don’t know the installed version of everyone, I don’t know what
version of Razuna you are running. Have you tried Razuna 1.8.6 and did a
complete re-index?


The Razuna version is in my first topic. 1.8.6, I tried a complete reindex.

Please post the syntax of an exact search for a custom field, using the Search API. Thanks.


Hi Markus ,

Please check this link for your reference :

Hope this helps



There’s no example for doing an exact search on custom fields on this page.


For exemple in razuna 1.8.6 searchfor :
7A1E7A11688045D6B2BDD33215FFB07B is the id of the custom field value
T stands for True, the value I look for