Search stops working when changing port of razuna

When I change the port of my razuna host from 8080 to 80 in the server.xml
<Connector port="80" protocol="HTTP/1.1"
everything works fine, except that searching stops working with the following error

Any suggestions how to fix this?

Posted a bit too early, because I just found the solution.
When changing the port in the server.xml file you need to point the razuna instance to this port for the searchserver, too.
This can be done in the admin interface under General Settings -> Indexing -> Dedicated server. E.g. “http://localhost:/razuna-searchserver”.

Okay , Thank you for the update of case.


what if we are using the same server as search server. is the solution you propose only for dedicate search server?

This is for the case that the razuna server and the search server are running on the same system.

The best way to change ports for Razuna is to use a frontend server like Apache or Nginx. Like this you don’t need to mess with any internal ports. In addition, you get the benefit of a frontend server.

hi Nitai

is there a write up how to do this? If i use Apache, i do not need to run tomcat?

Our is the best place to see what needs to be done. I also
recommend that Razuna is being configured by someone who knows server
administration. Hope this helps.