Search including custom fields

Is there a way to perform a search and include the custom fields in the results?


You may use the advance search option.

Custom fields are already included in the default search. Furthermore, you can define what fields are included in the Quicksearch and how it searches.

To change the settings go to Administration / Customization / Search.

I’ve been doing some tests with the customize->search options.
Can you tell how can i search for two assets having different custom field values.
Asset 1: Customfield : Name = “One”
Asset 2: Customfield : Name = “Two”

Values in the “Your Custom Fields”
Name : One, Two

I expect to get two results but the results show otherwise.



I’m not sure I understand you correctly as your use case is outlined in the description of the custom search (under “Advanced Search”).

For example, in order to find all the files that have “val1” or “val2” in ONE custom field, you simply enter them comma separated:

This gives me image1 with “val1” and image2 with “val2” in my custom field.

I hope this helps.