Search in 1.9.5 - how to do ends with search or within name search

Hello together,

I’m not sure if this is a bug but I wonder if there’s a way to look for assets that end with a certain phrase, or a phrase within the name.


The database include assets with the following filenames:


How do I search for all assets which ends with “streetview” and how do I search for all assets with “city” in the filename. The wildcard search does not help much since the * is not allowed at the beginning of the phrase.

What I can do is the following, but would not fulfill the requirements (I had to add the spaces between the stars, since the forum removed it otherwise).
streetview -> “no assets found”
a * streetview -> would return only the first two assets
3 * city * -> would return only 345cityhall.jpg since i have to add the 3 at the beginning.

I would appreciate your help!

Streetview* would find all files with “streetview” in them, independent if “streetview” is at the beginning of the metadata or not, e.g., “mystreetview.jpg”, “streeviewoflondon.jpg”.

Hi Nitai,

thank you for your answer, but I’m sorry if I have to contradict you. Streetview* would find only assets which ends with streetview. So “streetviewoflondon.jpg” would be found but “mystreetview.jpg” not. Sorry I forgot this example last time.

It is possible that it might be an platform issue? I’ve hosted it on Windows with standard database type.

Thanks for your help!

Hi again,

i have now found out something else. If the filename is “streetview_of_london.jpg” I can use “london” as search term and it will produce an result while “streetviewoflondon.jpg” with “london” as search term will produce no result.

Did anyone know how to why this is the case?