Search for specific Label gets results for a similar one

Hello there,

A user of mine has reported that while she searches for a specific Label using Advanced Search, she gets also results containing a similar label.

To be more specific, the query was for label Cedefop/Staff/Director and the results also included images with label Cedefop/Staff/Deputy Director:



Is this normal?

Razuna 1.7
mysql 5.5 community server
apache-tomcat-7.0.64 (installed as a service)
windows server 2008 R2

Hi Lephleg ,

This is normal , as the search engine will get all of assets which contain the label “Cedefop/Staff/Director” , then you can see the items which contain the label : “Cedefop/Staff/Director” and other labels.

Hope this helps.


Hi Huy,

Please notice that Cedefop/Staff/Director and Cedefop/Staff/Deputy Director are two different separate labels. I don’t see how is it normal to search for the first and also get results from the second here.

Is it some kind of restriction of the search engine labels to include common words in labels?

Thanks again,

Okay sorry for my mistake , This is not normal as the 2 of labels are different separated.

Does this happening in Quick Search or not ?

Please try to restart your Razuna server and then to check the search again.

Hope this helps.

No worries and thanks for your time assisting us on this.

I use the Advanced Search for it by filling only the label field.

Unfortunately, the restart didn’t help either. We are seriously considering to update to v1.9.1 and hope this might solve these issues.