"Save & Publish Basket" Not Working



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My users have reported that the Save & Publish Basket function is not working for them.

I brought this up in an online chat a few days ago and I believe the issue was going to be investigated, but have not had anything back as of yet.

The follow steps below, reproduce the issue.

  1. I select an image and add it to the basket.
  2. I go the “Checkout Basket”
  3. I click on “Save and Publish Basket”
  4. In the pop-up I select “Save as ZIP”
  5. I choose a folder - in this case “My Folder”
  6. I give the ZIP file a memorable name
  7. I click “Save”
  8. When I go to “My Folder” the ZIP file is not there
  9. I do not get any error messages - the folder is just empty.

Please Advise, thanks


We are still investigating. We will get back to you soon.



Any updates please ?

My users haven’t yet started complaining too much, but I’m sure they will soon, this is the main feature that they tend to use.





We are still working on this with high priority. Rest assured we’ll get back to you once we have an update .

Appreciate your cooperation.


We are still looking into the cause of this.



Thanks for the update.




We checked everything and this works as expected for us. However, you need to SELECT what you want to be included in the ZIP now. Are you selecting the files you want to be included in the basket BEFORE creating a ZIP file?