Running two instances of Razuna on single Tomcat install?


Is it possible to run two separate instances of Razuna on a single Tomcat installation?

I’m assuming it is. I’m just curious to know what I will need to do in order to keep them separate of each other. Other than the obvious changes – different directory/app name, defining a separate connector with a different port for the second app – what other modifications should we make in the configuration? We are also planning on running a separate search server for it, so there would need to be allowances made for it so that it doesn’t interfere with the production search server.

Is anyone doing this right now, and if they are, would they mind sharing their notes?

(This is on a Linux server, running Tomcat 8.5.39 in Java 8 v.201 with Razuna 1.9.6.)




Your company got a support contract with us and you can just email for these questions. That said, I’ll email you directly.


Thanks, Nitai. Awaiting response.