Renditions URL not being added in Metadata Export

I was using the option “include renditions in export” (check box), I exported the file with all the different types (CSV, XLS & XLSX), but none of them added the renditions metadata.
I am only interested on the file URL for each rendition.
Please let me know if this needs to be fixed or if there is a step I might be missing before exporting the metadata.

Thank you!

Diego Chaves


When you select “include renditions” than all renditions will be included
in the metadata export file. This includes the URL to the rendition also.
It is in the column “file_url”.

Good morning, Nitai,

When I do that, it does not show the Renditions URL.
I am attaching an example using a folder that includes a lot of Renditions (I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter).
If you look at that, it doesn’t even show the Renditions. It only shows the original or main product metadata.

Diego Chaves
Digital Content Analyst


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Please send any attachment and product id by email. Thanks.