Read/Write Access cannot delete by batch

hi ,

does anyone already experience this,please tell me if that is something i cannot archive

i’ve create a group with write / Read access to a folder. once i login with this userid, i select some images… i found that i do not have the “move to trash” option available but i am able to delete it one by one

is it a bug or is it a behaviour

Hi lemont97 ,

I have take a test follow your scenario (select all assets and do move to trash). Everything is ok from my site now.

You can go to administration >> Maintenance >>> Flush database cache .

Then try again to see how.

Hope this helps.

hi Huy
i tried flushing the database cache. but still, the option “move to trash” does not show up.
i am using 1.8.6 verision

in case you need to know, i login with a user account from a group called “management” with write/read access (not full access) to a folder. select all asset and didn’t see the option “move to trash” but deletion from each file is available

Hi lemont97 ,

So please help to check again the user account (permission) which belong to group name , to see the read/write permission to this folder.

Or you can recreate the group name and re-adding the user account to this group to check.

As I am not sure why this happening at your site now.


hi Huy

i have recheck my permission and did some test of my own. this is what i observed

  1. once i update the user group permission to full access. the option “move to trash” appears. But when i change it back to Write and read only. the option dissappear.
  2. i have create a local user “test” and put it in the same “management group”. login to “test” account and did the same test. the option “move to trash” does not appears
  3. i have create a new group call “test” and set the permission to “write and read” on that folder, and put my “test” user into it. the option “move to trash” does not appears

i did another test of my own. i spin out another VM with razuna with default setting. using DEMO as tenant to test it out.

  1. create a group call “test”
  2. create a user call “test” and put this user in “test” group
  3. create a folder call 'test" the tree structure. and give only “test” group “write and read” permission
  4. upload some file to test folder
  5. log off and relogin with “test” account
  6. go to test folder and select all assets. the “move to trash” button is still missing.

i am pretty sure there is a bug in this flow if this isn’t the design… if it is design, just wonder why user group with this permission can delete assets individually but unable to delete in bulk since the option is already there.

Simple answer: Users in a read/write group can remove the files they have uploaded and belong to “them”. As you only have access to assets that you have permission to, we opted to remove the batch “trash” option.

Hi Nitai

help me out here to understand so i can better relate this to my user as it still sound quite confusing at this moment.

Both Group A and B has read/write permission (not full access) to Folder Z
Group A upload photo to Folder Z
When Group B user login. should they see Move to Trash Option if they select all assets?