Read only doesn't allow download of original?


I have created a group with just ‘read access’ to our .ai files but for some reason this only allows them to download the preview .jpg or .png files and not the original .ai artwork.

I’ve set the folder so that the original download is allowed. People in a group with ‘read/write access’ can download the original. I don’t want to give this other group ‘read/write access’ as this also appears to allow them to delete images.

Any idea how I can ensure that the group with read access are able to download the original images? Is there somewhere that i can set the definitions of what privileges are allowed for read and read/write settings?


Read Only groups can only download renditions, if you would like to grant them an access to files in a folder, you can enabled this on a folder level. Select the folder location > Manage > Folder Sharing and Settings > Sharing Options.

You can click on the “Reset setting of individual assets” to apply them to each file in the folder as each file can have their own sharing setting.

I hope that helps.

Ah right. Thanks for the response.

Is there any way to create a user group that can download original assets but not have the privileges to delete the entire library?

Assuming that I cant make the folders inherit the option of allowing download of original assets, amending this in each folder is likely to be a lengthy job as we have hundreds of folders that are nested within higher level category folders…

Also its entirely possible that there is a more sensible way of organising all this and i’ve gone about it all wrong!

Right now my use case is that I have a library of .ai illustrator assets that I want to share with my art teams. I want my art teams to be able to download the .ai files but not have the rights to replace or delete them.

How best to orchestrate this? Like I say - i’m probably doing something wrong as this situation doesn’t seem like it would be all that unusual.