Razuna Setup Wizard Never ends


Good evening,

I’m trying to install Razuna on our server (self-hosted). After I finished installing the prerequists I accessed the Razuna Setupo Wizard page. I compile all the requested parameters and executed by clicking on Finalize Setup but the Installling process never ends??

Thank you for the attention



Hi Taher,

It’s probably failing somewhere. When I was have some issue, I was debug installing process with Google Chrome DevTools.

Start installation and arrive final section, push F12 and go to Network tab. Don’t close this screen and go back to browser area. Push to submit button. Go Back to DevTools and check network area what’s happening in there. Preview section shows ajax access and you able to see error log and error log name.

If you able to find error log you able to move on and check logs.

This is my solution when I had issue and figure out step by step…

Little painful process but have fun with Razuna. I think this DAM tool enough good for future.

If you interested I would like you help you remote, for open source love! :slight_smile:




You can view the errors that are being thrown in:

I found that I was using an incompatible version of MySql (8, 5.6 works though)