Razuna Preview window?

My first question:

  • I’ve read, that razuna can preview in other windows tab, when the file is clicked
    but in chrome, firefox, or opera, can not be, always have to download and preview using player
    except in mac os, mov file can be directly previewed in other window.
    how to make razuna, can preview in other window, to os windows?

My second question:

  • Is razuna, can preview in other window, for mxf file?

My third question:

  • Why, convert facility does not work, but I have installed ffmpeg, imagemagic and others, correctly?
  1. Razuna uses what your browser provides. There is no built-in video player. Create a webm or ogv video (which are HTML5 formats) to show them in the browser.

  2. See above

  3. No idea, It’s your own server, hence you need to properly follow our guides

The installation instructions are a bit technically overhauled. You should install ALL packages, even the “optional” ones, and you might copy them (the binaries) to the correct paths. In Razuna installation there’s a page where Razuna shows the expected paths and try to verify them - don’t mess with other paths, don’t change them, just copy them into the default-expect-paths for razuna.

Then you’re done!