Razuna Migration from 1.8 to 1.9


I tried to migrate to 1.9 using mariadb and I got error. I also can not find files from manual on the wiki : To do so, move the “razuna_backup.h2.db”, “razuna_backup.trace.db” and the folder “razuna_backup.lobs” to the “/razuna/admin/backup” folder of the new Razuna instance. , I can not find this files inside razuna 1.8 or 1.9
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Sorry, no idea what your problem is. Post the error, please.

Backup files are being generated when you create a backup first.


I had razuna_tomcat_1_8_2 working version with some assets and raz1,raz2,raz3. Then I did backup on this version . And after that I downloaded razuna_tomcat_1_9_5 from web site. On razuna 1.8 I had folder backup (/opt/razuna_tomcat_1_8_2/tomcat/webapps/razuna/admin/backup) with files : DoNotDelete.txt razuna_backup.mv.db razuna_backup.trace.db . I copied this files to razuna_tomcat_1_9_5 backup folder. I also copied assets from old razuna to new and three folder of raz1,raz2 , raz3. After that I stop razuna 1.8.2 and started razuna 1.9.5 , I had mariadb preinstalled so I used mysql option as database for new razuna. I had connected to mysql but then I got error:


And this is the error log:


Also I have question : where I can get a pre-release beta of razuna 2.0 and architecture platform documents?
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If you have MySQL installed then you do not use the backups here. Simply install 1.9.5, run the first time wizard, point it to A NEW DATABASE. After installation, import your old database (with your MySQL tools) and start Razuna again. It will then prompt you to upgrade.

There are no documents and no preview release of Razuna 2.0 at the moment.


what if old razuna used H2 database. And I did backup of H2 database. But now I use with new razuna 1.9.5 mysql version of database. How can I upgrade in this situation ?
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This is outlined in our documentation, but in short:

  1. Make a backup within Razuna.
  2. Shut down Razuna.
  3. Move the backup over to the new Razuna server.
  4. Start Razuna (new one)
  5. Run the first time wizard and choose “Advanced setup”
  6. When you get to the screen of adding the database, choose to create it from the backup.


Thanks Nitai,
But my question is : where exactly backup files ? Is it only files from admin/backup or some other files ?
Also does it give me conflict situation if I have H2 database on old razuna and mysql on new ?


Again, this is documented. admin/backup. This is the way to migrate between databases. So, no conflict.