Razuna Media Manager (WordPress) not working as expected

I have a freshly installed self-hosted copy of Razuna 1.7 installed which I was planning on hooking in with a WordPress site using the Razuna Media Manager plugin. I saw this plugin hadn’t been updated in over two years, so I was sort of hesitant.

When trying to use the plugin, I am presented with a blank screen with no folder to choose from my asset. I have attached a screenshot outlining the what I’m talking about.

Is there any more updated version of this plugin?

AS you noted, there has been no updates to the WP plugin. So, no, it doesn’t work with the latest versions of WP currently.

The plugin itself is an open source project and available over at Github. If you want you are free to contribute.

Thank you.

Okay, I’d love to contribute a bit. I’ve looked on the Razuna main repo but don’t see the plugin source there. Would you be able to link me?

I could also just download the plugin from wordpress.org and upload it to my repo.

Geez, sorry got up and replied to your email… :wink:

The PHP library (that the WP plugin uses) is here https://github.com/razuna/razuna-php-library. The Wordpress plugin itself lives over at the SNV repository of Wordpress. I’m ok with you grabbing it from there and than send the updates.

Thank you!