Razuna hosted edition, searching function

From one week , searching function dosen’t work.
other customer with the same problem?


As we have answered to numerous of your emails and chats, I don’t really see the need for you to come on here.

That said, we’ve deployed a new search-server and had to re-index all files. From my testing everything is working. For example, searching for “bvg*” returns 96 results in your account.


Or here is another example with “svg886g*”


Hence, please let me know what is not working for you, so we can look into it.

now simple search work


there is another function tha we use frequently, search by data, that don’t work. (in advanced search)

Can you let me know in detail what you mean with “search by data”?

in our case, the search by custom field is returning 0 results.

Please do NOT post your issue here, AND in another thread, AND send us an email. This just makes it totally confusing and just prolongs an answer.

Also, always provide as much information as possible. A “does not work” is not helpful.

Thank you.

Please note the changes to the API as outlined at Search API v2

Thanks for the reply.

How do I set the searchfor value using the new json format? encode and set as value to the searchfor parameter?

searchfor={ “custom_fields” : [ { “id” : “9A67932D-FE38-4B23-80DA05E297DA3070”, “value”: “razuna” } ] }

should we encode it?


The API documentation states to always make sure to encode URL’s. You can also use POST.