Razuna -delete asset API-at local installation


Error message: {“message”:“General SQL Error”,“errorcode”:“errorCode.sqlError”,“detail”:"Database reported: Syntax error in SQL statement "DELETE FROM RAZ1_IMAGES\r\n\t\t\tWHERE IMG_ID = ?\r\n\t\t\tAND HOST_ID = ?\r\n\t\t\tORDER[*] BY IMG_ID “; SQL statement:\nDELETE FROM raz1_images\r\n\t\t\tWHERE img_id = ?\r\n\t\t\tAND host_id = ?\r\n\t\t\tORDER BY img_id [42000-191]”}

What does it mean. Please help


This is a SQL error. What action are you doing?


We are getting this sql error in Asset remove Api:-


How we can solve this problem.


I see. You might run an older version of Razuna as this bug is already fixed. You can get some fixes directly from our Git repository.


We are already using Api2 version and Razuna- razuna_tomcat_1_9_5 version


I’m talking about the latest Razuna version :slight_smile:


Hi,Thanks for your response.
I have some queries regarding this.

1.Do you mean that i should take new version from master branch or development branch.
2. Should we take search server code for new version too , what version of search server should be consider for latest razuna from dev/master code?

  1. Development
  2. Master


yes we have tried. we have taken searchserver and razuna both from master branch,but there was some configuration or dependencies issues so that we were not able to run initial setup itself.
Please confirm where we need to make necessary changes in configuration.


Apologies, but this is as far as free support goes on here. We are an open source company and depend on paying support subscription to keep Razuna and the company running.

Please visit our support subscription page at http://razuna.org/support/subscriptions to learn more.