Razuna assets folder on EC2 instance



New razuna user here, my razuna is hosted on a t2.xlarge EC2 instance. Was wondering if anyone can guide me on linking the assets folder to a local NAS?

I know I have the option of using an S3 bucket but we’re already using AWS Storage Gateway. I’ve tried using NFS to mount the asset folder to no avail (I’m using an Ubuntu instance). Any help would be appreciated.


Hi dap ,

Please check this our wiki for your reference : http://wiki.razuna.com/display/ecp/How+to+move+the+asset+directory+to+another+drive

Hope this helps.



also if your using a network share you will need to make the alias in your tomcat settings point to the network volume. Whatever service that the tomcat server runs under will also need to have access to that network volume. The wiki is pretty helpful as Huy_Nguyen has mentioned. If you run into problems as away someone might just know the answer.