Razuna 2 Custom Fields wish list


Hi guys,

we make a heavy use of Razuna’s custom field feature. It is awesome that Razuna already has text, text area and dropdowns as UI options. It would be very cool if on top of that Razuna could offer Radio Buttons and ManyCheckBox(es) as well.

We also use the on_file_edit and on_file_remove hooks to send and update data to our backend. That’s why another useful thing (for us anyway) would be a listener (a hook) on a CustomFieldValueChange where the user’s input could be validated before the logic found in the on_file_* hooks. Sure, one could do this programmatically in the hooks, and we actually do this to a certain extend, but it would be clearer if the validation and business logic could be cleanly separated.

I would be thankful if you guys let me know what you think about this, or if it is already in the kitchen.


It is already done for Razuna 2 :slight_smile:


I’ll have to come with better ideas then! BTW, is there a way to get a sneakpeek of Razuna 2? UI Screenshots, for example?


We are in the middle of developing and once we have the UI more defined
will surely start releasing more informations.