Razuna 1.9 is here - Full support for IE11 and more


Some of you might know, that for the past three years, we have invested heavily in Razuna 2.0, which is a complete revamp of the current version of Razuna and due out in December. It is a new technology stack, new database, new everything. The only pieces remaining is the beloved simplicity and the trusted performance. It looks really, really good, and over the next days, I will start blogging and showing bits and pieces. So stay tuned for that.

But the world doesn’t stand still while we develop, so the current version of Razuna has also — yet again — received some love, and we’re now proud to release Razuna 1.9.

Razuna 1.9 is the latest release on the current technology stack, and it certainly packs a punch in its own right. The most important additions that made it into Razuna 1.9 are:

  • Full support for Internet Explorer 11 and Edge
  • Update of the folder tree
  • Backend improvements
  • And some bug fixes

Any web developer will know that supporting Microsoft browsers can sometimes be a nightmare. They don’t entirely work like a standard browser works, so for that reason, we often need to write specific CSS files just for IE and tweak the Javascript. We did that to support IE 9, IE10 etc. but that didn’t work for IE 11 and Edge. So for a long time, to be honest, we kind of neglected all our users in IE 11. It turned out that many of the enterprise customers, for example Xerox, needed support for IE 11.

We have now rewritten the CSS and Javascripts to support both IE 11 and Edge. And — it works like a charm.

In building the IE 11 UI, we needed to update the folder tree. We ended up updating the entire library and the folder tree is now 40% faster, which means that folders and sub folders in the tree load much faster. On top of that, it looks pretty neat too.

The backend improvements are mainly performance improvements such as full caching like we have on the frontend. This means that our enterprise customers with many tenants and high usage no longer risk time-outs. Same goes for ourselves with some of the hosted server with several thousand tenants. A nice change for us and our customers too.

Finally — as always — we have managed to fix a number of minor bugs.

All in all a release with some important stuff — even in light of Razuna 2.0 knocking on the door.

Our hosted version and our thousands of customers have already been upgraded to the latest release. Customer for the self-hosted edition can download Razuna 1.9 from our download page. Customers that have a dedicated server with us will get contacted over the next says to schedule the update.

Thank you for being a customer and using Razuna!