Razuna 1.9 fresh install issue


On Ubuntu 16.04.1 64 bits, I’m trying to test Razuna 1.9.
I installed java 8, downloaded razuna_tomcat_1_9.zip, unzip it, put it to /opt then started tomcat.
When I try to go to http://serverIp:8080/razuna I got an error saying :

Detail The datasource h2 could not be found or was invalid
Extended Info javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Le Nom h2 n’est pas lié à ce Contexte

If I try with razuna_tomcat_1_8_6.zip on the same server, I can reach the wizard page at http://serverIp:8080/razuna

Is there a step with h2 in razuna 1.9 before reaching wizard page ?



Sorry to read of your issue. I’ve installed a few servers recently with 1.9
and have not run into this error.

The H2 datasource is automatically created upon start, i.e. after the first
time wizard.

However, I suspect there to be another issue. Please go into the Razuna
directory and check if there is a “db” folder. If there is please remove
it. Then restart again.

Let me know.


You were right, I deleted the db folder and now I can access the wizard.
Thank you.


I notice that just unzipping the razuna_tomcat_1_9.zip creates that razuna_tomcat_1_9/tomcat/webapps/razuna/db folder.


We will fix the release. Thank you for reporting this.