Razuna 1.9.6 upgrade and PDF cover issue

Hi everyone,

I installed self host Razuna 1.8.5 2 years ago and we’re happy to use it!

Last month I upgraded system and kept same settings… (database setting: MySQL)

After upgrade I checked everything and system was working good. But later than I recognized Razuna not creating PDF cover directly. I’m able to add/replace later but it wasn’t working like as this before.

After any PDF upload, system only shows PDF icon. Looks like not creating cover image directly or not updating cover image setting on DB and I’m not seeing PDF cover image on folder/file view.

How can I fix? Or Do we have any recommendation?


Check your path to ImageMagick and Ghostscript.

Also ImageMagick made a change in the recent versions where they don’t allow certain file types to be converted anymore. You can change this in the policy.xml file of ImageMagick. Change the value of “none” to “read|write” (you will see what I mean if you open the file).

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Hi Natai,

Thank you for your quick support.

Yes I updated /etc/ImageMagick-6/policy.xml and replaced “none” with “read | write” problem solved.


Thank you again!

Greetings from San Diego, California.


Ahmet B.