Razuna 1.9.5

Release Notes for Razuna 1.9.5

Notes for this release

Razuna 1.9.5 and before that Razuna 1.8.1, 1.8.2, 1.8.5, 1.8.6, and 1.9 have seen incremental updates, improvement and of course bug fixes.

Razuna 1.9.5 brings the following new features:

Added a responsive grid

The days are gone, where you had to adjust the height and width of your folder view. Razuna 1.9.5 features a responsive asset grid out of the box.

Basket limitation

A lot of you use the basket daily. Sometimes, there are over 2000 files in the basket. Needless to say, this takes up a lot of ressources. In this release, we limited the basket to a maximum of 200 assets to show. Don’t worry, you can still download all your files in the basket, we just only show the first 200 files.

Speaking of files in the basket. There is now a service that automatically cleans up baskets that are older than 30 days.

Ordering system re-factored

We completely re-factored the ordering system and it should now be much faster and easier for you to deal with orders.

Trash clean up

Files in the trash will now automatically be removed if older than 30 days, too.

Major performance improvements when searching

We’ve re-factored the search and gained substantial performance improvements. In production, we have seen searches for over 100,000 records to be done within 4 seconds!

Performance improvements for all database queries

This release brings a lot of performance enhancements. We completely re-factored the security model and changed how we query the database. Merely, we changed the collation from case sensitive to case insensitive. Hence, you will also see a different update procedure when you upgrade to Razuna 1.9.5.

If you are using the MSSQL database, you will have to alter your tables manually!

First check, if your database is configured to be case sensitive. If it is, you should change the database to case insensitive AND also change each table to case insensitive. This is done with the collation name. Please refer to MSSQL documentation how to do so!

Once done, set the value of “dbupdate” in the table “options” to “53”!

Please do NOT use Razuna 1.9.5 if you haven’t changed the collation first!


We changed some of the startup scripts to clean up your directories better. In addition, we created cron tasks to do this automatically. Also, we crushed some bugs that sneaked in in version 1.9.x. As mentioned above, this release is all about performance and thus we’ve made a lot of changes how the system performs in the backend and trimmed a lot of database calls and tweaked the settings as much as possible. Overall, you should see improvements on loading files, folders and so forth with Razuna 1.9.5.

Other changes are:

  • Large file downloads are now being streamed to the client/browser directly instead of being buffered
  • XLS is now the default format for all exports
  • All Javascript and CSS files are now minified for better performance
  • All thumbnails should now be cachable by browsers as we have removed all query strings
  • If you use the approcal process on any folder you will now see a banner on top letting the user know that files need to be approved first
  • We’ve made a lot of changed if you are using the UPC layer
  • While deadlocks are sometimes happening, this release should take care of most of them
  • We re-enabled the production settings in the backend administration
  • If you’ve signed in to Razuna and close the browser and go back to Razuna you should now automatically be signed in
  • Upon downloading renditions, the “rend_” prefix has been removed
  • We’ve re-factored the whole security object to be faster and handle errors better
  • Overall a lot of UI fixes and improvements

How to upgrade

You should update to 1.7 before upgrading to 1.9! If you have already done so, then simply follow the Razuna Update Guide. If you are skipping certain version then please make sure to read up on the release notes for each version. There might be instructions for certain updates!

Search Server
As mentioned above the search server is its own application. If you are upgrading you need to download the search server application and place it in the same directory as Razuna! For Tomcat this is in the web apps directory. Do NOT put the search server the Razuna directory!

Once done, you need to restart your server. As always navigate to the Razuna Administration and conduct the update. Once done, sign in to the Administration and navigate to “General Configuration”. You will see a new tab called “Indexing”. Go to “Indexing” and make sure that “The index and Search application is installed on this server.” is selected. If not, select it and click on “Save”.

Once done, click on the “Configure Search Server Database Connection” link and enter the same database connection credentials that you use for Razuna in the window. Click on “Update Connection Info” and wait for the feedback. Without doing this, you will NOT be able to search within Razuna! Also, the update will trigger a complete re-index of your assets.

MySQL users, please note:
You need “Barracuda” file type (innodb, instead of old “Antelope” file type; check my.cnf) and system variable “innodb_large_prefix=1” to make it work. AFAIK that’s default by MySQL 5.6 and above, however, when you upgraded your MySQL install the last years, you might stuck on the old Antelope file type.

If you’re coming from an old MySQL install (like me) there are problems with installing, because you’ll get errors like

Specified key was too long; max key length is 767 bytes

More info here: