Razuna 1.9.5 with MySQL 8.0?

I was wondering if anyone out there is using Razuna 1.9.5 with MySQL 8.0 as their database? I ran the MySQL upgrade checker and it indicated some potential issues.

Thanks for any input you can provide!

Eric Deuser
UPS Airlines

Razuna 1.9.5 self-hosted
Tomcat 8.5.23
Java JDK
MySQL 5.7.22
MacPro 2 x 2.4 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon
macOS Sierra 10.12.6
macOS Server 5.3.1


What issues are you seeing? I have not checked compatibility with v8

Hey, Nitai!

The upgrade utility reported the following issues:

1) Usage of db objects with names conflicting with reserved keywords in 8.0
  Warning: The following objects have names that conflict with reserved keywords that are new to 8.0. Ensure queries sent by your applications use `quotes` when referring to them or they will result in errors.

  razuna195.groups - Table name

2) Usage of utf8mb3 charset
  It is recommended to convert them to use utf8mb4 instead, for improved Unicode support.

3) Usage of use ZEROFILL/display length type attributes
  Notice: The following table columns specify a ZEROFILL/display length attributes. Please be aware that they will be ignored in MySQL 8.0

  razuna195.raz1_approval.approval_enabled - tinyint(1)
  razuna195.raz1_approval.approval_group_1_all - tinyint(1)
  razuna195.raz1_approval.approval_group_2_all - tinyint(1)
  razuna195.raz1_approval.approval_folders_all - tinyint(1)
  razuna195.raz1_folder_subscribe.mail_interval_in_hours - int(6)
  razuna195.users.USER_STREET_NR - int(6)
  razuna195.users.USER_STREET_NR_2 - int(6)
  razuna195.users.USER_ZIP - int(7)

I am not sure if any of these will cause issues or not, so I thought it best to find out BEFORE upgrading to MySQL 8…because I’m not daring enough to just upgrade and hope for the best. :wink:

Thanks for that. I will look to see to get it compatible in a next iteration.